Reading Time: 4 minutes Operating since February, 2016, Together We’re Bitter Co-operative Brewing (TWB) calls itself a “multi-stakeholder cooperative” in which workers and community […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Empanada [ehm-puh-naa-duh]Italian panzarotti and their Sicilian cousin ’mpanatiggi, Jamaican patty, Cornish pasty, Mallorcan panades and Indian samosas and gujias: just […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes The popular Crazy Canuck Restaurant’eh has two locations — one in downtown Kitchener, tucked inside the Corporation Square building at […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Charcoal Group and its several restaurants have long been leaders in the food industry across Waterloo Region, and it […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes [Previously posted]Crafty Ramen opened its second location in downtown Kitchener in November. It’s a new sister to the original Guelph […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute I remember well meeting Ruth Klahsen, founder and cheese-maker at Montforte Cheese in Stratford, many years ago. I was on […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Of this type of pi, I have a very superficial understanding. The so-called “Pi Day” celebrates the mathematical constant denoted […]

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