One-pot dinners are hearty fare

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Many pre-pandemics routines have returned with kids back to school, sports activities ramping up and music lessons in effect while parents may be returning to the office again at least in some capacity.

That often means busier nights and weekends when it comes to preparing meals. Coupled with colder, drizzly weather, it’s a good time to think about one-pot meals that are tasty and nutritious.

Here are a few suggestions from local cooks, along with some pro cooking tips they can offer:

Rob Hillier makes a vegan chili (with recipe);
Derek Hines talks rice Jollof;
Shiri Medireddy of Shiri’s Kitchen takes you through a rice pulao;
Vanessa and Miguel at La Lola Cambridge suggest a cocido Madrilena; and,
Rouaida Almadrmani makes shakshouka.

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