Braised eggplant at Better Chef Waterloo

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The immense pink tree – bursting with cherry blossoms and surrounded by stylized mesh clouds – makes for a rather cool dining room setting and, I will hazard a guess, one of the more unique restaurant spaces you’ll find in the region.

Located in the University Shops Plaza, a block or so of restaurants that is home to a wide range of foods of the world, Better Chef has been operating for a couple of years now.

Their menu categorizes the 50-seat venue as Sichuan – and that means some spice, often quite pleasant and often quite debilitating, depending on your palate’s ability to tolerate the Scoville heat produced by chilies and Sichuan pepper.

Dining room cherry tree in blossom (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

I will disclose that I’m a relative weakling spice heat-wise, but it’s also more a matter of my preference in being able to enjoy and detect the range of flavours in food than any sort of fire-breathing machismo.

For more about Better Chef, visit Waterloo Region Record.

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