Full CoVid protocols at Pfenning’s Organic Farms

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Jenn Pfenning, owner of Pfenning’s Farms in New Hamburg (their Facebook page is here), has distributed the following message [italics are mine]:

As the owners of Pfenning’s Farms in New Hamburg, we want to assure the community that we follow all safety protocols with regards to food handling and distribution, as well as with staff members and our customers.

Our farm and distribution centre is run by Wolfgang Pfenning and his wife Regina, and Ekk Pfenning, and his wife Jennifer. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Pfenning’s Farms has been profiled in numerous news stories that exemplified adherence to safety measures. We take food safety very seriously.

As such, we feel we need to clear up any confusion around a separate business, Pfenning’s Organic and More in St. Agatha run by Almut (nee Pfenning) and her husband Wolfgang Wurzbacher. This retail store is a completely separate business from Pfenning’s Farms in New Hamburg. This store has taken a very different approach to physical distancing, masks, and safety protocols.

The store’s views do not in any way mirror COVID-19 safety protocols at Pfenning’s Farms. You will find links to our COVID-19 safety plan, the result of our Ministry of Labour inspection, and the Executive Summary of the voluntary audit we participated in.

We have been working closely with public health since the beginning of the pandemic, finding the best information we could and creating policies in order to keep our staff, customers, and community safe.

Any media coverage or social posts expressing support for the anti-mask movement or alt-right media DO NOT come from us here at Pfenning’s Farms in New Hamburg.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Pfenning at 519-662-3468 x 28 business, 519-502-2582 cell, jenn@pfenningsfarms.ca email.

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