Colcannon: for the luck of the Irish

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Colcannon [kol-kan’on]
Colcannon, a favourite Irish dish, is not widely found at area restaurants, but it is an easy one to make at home. 
A rustic and hearty plate, colcannon is made with only a few ingredients: mashed potatoes doused with a good amount of milk or cream and lots of butter, of course.

Add to that onions, cabbage or kale, along with some herbs, possibly, and seasoning, and you have a very satisfying comfort food, whether or not you have the luck of the Irish. 

A similar dish, champ, is made with buttermilk.
The “col” of colcannon likely derives from “cole,” an old word for cabbage that we still see in use today — coleslaw.

Now, I’d say a pint or two of Guinness is in order at this time of the year, wouldn’t you?


Colcannon deliciousness (Image/VegaTeam via Wikimedia Commons).

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