Schweinshaxe at Scran and Dram

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It might be called a ham hock, a pork knuckle or schweinshaxe, but the pork hock is a big, meaty portion with a long culinary history which also requires a bit of technique and a relatively long cooking time to be done properly.

Less ham and more shank, the pork hock appears as part of both soul food recipes and those of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Germans, Alsatians and northern Italians might serve it with sauerkraut.

In Waterloo Region, it appears on occasion at various venues, but is likely best known as an anchor dish that draws, at least pre-COVID-19, busloads of Toronto diners to the Old Heidelberg Restaurant and Tavern on Lobsinger Line.

The pork hock has been recently added to the menu at Scran and Dram Scottish Public House in New Hamburg; its appearance is both a friendly little challenge to the popular Heidelberg version and a move toward adding an additional layer of flavour and food history.

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