Tortilla Española, Reuben, duck confit

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Three random picks for dishes you might explore this weekend.

Enjoy! Eat wisely and eat well!

Tortilla Espanola, La Lola Catering
Located in downtown Preston, Vanessa Stankiewicz and Miguel Pastor create Barcelona-inspired food. Their paella is very good as are their béchamel-based croquetas — but try tortilla Española, which Stankiewicz says is Spain’s true national dish. Sip a nice vermouth with it.

Unique in the region: tortilla Española (andrewcoppolino.com).

Reuben sandwich, Cambridge Restaurant
Chef-owner Josh Hayward revels in the delicious tradition of the diner, at the same time he goes to considerable effort to prepare foods from scratch – including this classic lunch-counter corned beef sandwich.

Reuben and a PBR (andrewcoppolino.com).

Duck confit, Artisanale French Country Cooking Guelph
There are few cooks in the region with Yasser Qahawish’s passion for food and cooking along with his respect for ingredients and a deft hand with the techniques to cook them. Classic duck confit is just one example of French country cooking that resonates at Artisanale.

[banner image: Artisanale duck confit/andrewcoppolino.com]

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