Pattypan (or UFO!) squash

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The colour and shape of these pattypans are phenomenal. When I purchased them from the Kitchener Market, the vendor had “Sunburst Squash” on a handwritten piece of cardboard as a sign. Looking at them, the description fits perfectly.

When I asked her if they were the same as pattypan squashes, she said, yes, but that customers didn’t understand the name — so she used the alternative.

Immediately recognizable by its roundish, elliptical shape and scalloped edges, the pattypan squash looks something like a UFO.

“Pattypan” is likely from its French name pâtisson.

They are part of the range of summer squashes that have a variety of interesting shapes, from elongated necks to cute little hats with fluted edges, acorn squash and zucchini. They mostly all have a dense, spongy flesh.

They are great to cook on the grill too: I just cut them to even sizes (with some left whole depending on size), slosh them around in some olive oil, maybe some balsamic and spices and grill to al dente.

Beautiful to look at. Delicious to eat.

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