Pandemic-perfect pickle pizza

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Consider a polarizing comestible: the pickle pizza. Yes, it is a thing and is growing in popularity as quickly as cucumbers grow in the sun and heat of a July day.

When it comes to the polarization factor, a pickle pizza might eclipse its sister pineapple pizza, the origins of which have an Ontario connection: it can be traced to Chatham, and the Family Circle restaurant which claims to have created it in the early 1960s.

A polarizing rival to pineapple (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

We know that people either love pineapple on their pizza or hate it; it’s such a flashpoint that a food delivery app has engaged Mad Men actor Jon Hamm to extol its virtues.

However, putting dill pickles on pizza is similarly contentious: it’s love or hate with no in-between.

There are a handful of pizza joints around the region making the pie. It’s usually in the “bianca,” or so-called white, pizza category.

A popular pick (Photo/andrewcoppolio.com).

At McMullan’s Canadian Pub & Pizzeria on Highland Road just about at Belmont, the pickle pizza – like at many pizza joints – might be referred to as “famous.”

For more on how they make the pizza and its popularity, visit Waterloo Chronicle.

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