Weekend chow: Burger, “Frankie,” Boondocks

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Here’s a trio of irregular, unconnected munchie picks for the weekend, from a special Rolling Stones burger to a street eat found in Mumbai.

Enjoy your food this weekend!

The Rolling Stones Unzipped Burger | TWH Social Bar and Bistro
Using 8-ounces of Walper’s brisket for the burger, Verburg gives it a hard sear on the flat-top. There’s a potato patty that he describes as a basic eastern European style-roesti along with cream cheese, butter and thyme. Then there’s the aioli and Balderson smoked Cheddar that Verburg adds.

The franks and beans are the thing, however, that give the burger the satisfaction. “For the hotdogs, we use a classic ballpark-style dog,” says Verburg says.

Stones Unzipped burger at TWH (Abbey Rush).

Bombay Frankie | Exotica Sandwich and Wrap Bar
“If you’re in the hustle bustle of Mumbai, you’re shopping and you want a quick snack, you find a tiny Frankie stall, usually painted red, and they’d have their Frankie selections on a board,” Fleurette Coates (banner photo) says of the city 20-million strong and India’s most densely populated.

“There, a thin roti-like flatbread is layered with an egg, perhaps cheese if you choose, some meat and sauce and then coriander leaves. “It gets wrapped tightly and toasted on the griddle.”

Butter chicken “Bombay Frankie” (andrewcoppolino.com).

Boondocks | Jimmy’s Feed Co.
“The Boondocks” is a country tune by Little Big Town and while it riffs on Boone’s name, he says it was inspired by R&B artist Etta James’s cover of the song: it’s mortadella, capicola, hot salami, provolone, pickled eggplant and their special mayo-Sriracha sauce.

It’s very good, and so is “Hey Jude” with a few meats and that pickled eggplant (and it’s my answer to the question in Metric’s “Gimme Sympathy:” “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones”?)

Sweet and meaty Boondocks sammie (andrewcoppolino.com).

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