Greener Grazing grass-fed giveaway

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Greener Grazing is small operation with a big heart for sustainable farming practices when it comes to beef and the environment.

They want to introduce themselves to you with a giveaway of a box of their grass-finished beef worth $179.00. The box contains a variety of steaks, roasts and ground beef.

Based in Gorrie, Ontario, about 60 minutes northwest of Kitchener on the way to Kincardine and Lake Huron, Greener Grazing says they try to “stay in sync with nature” and use no artificial hormones and no antibiotics in the meat products they grow.

But there’s more to them than that, according to owner-operator Josh Bauman.

“Instead of using herbicides and pesticides, we use the livestock and natural methods to control weed and pest populations. We focus on building and regenerating the soil that our Creator has given us,” says Bauman.

“By rotationally grazing the livestock and returning plant residue to the soil, we are actually increasing the carbon content of the soil, and turning it into a carbon sink, pulling carbon back out of the atmosphere and into the soil where the plants need it.”

It’s worth considering this aspect farming when you make your food choices. Every little bit counts.

For the grass-finished beef giveaway, Greener Grazing will ship the box to the winner at cost whatsoever [the fine print: contestants must be located in Ontario to be eligible].

All you need to do for your chance to win the box of grass-finished beef is click the link @greenergrazing.ca and enter the giveaway.

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