Porridge time!

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With cold weather here (I hope), it’s time for warming cereals and hot breakfasts.

And, in this time of more people working from home, there may be an opportunity to prepare porridges and hot cereals to eat while working in your home office.

“Porridge” is a generic term for a thick mash-like grain dish cooked in water. It’s eaten in dozens of cultures around the world.

For instance in Lombardy, northern Italy, polentina is prepared for breakfast: it is a thin corn-meal mush served with milk and sugar.

Eastern Europeans might eat kasha, while the Chinese may dish up rice and water congee for breakfast. In the southern United States it’s grits made from corn, served with bacon and eggs or on their own with cheese.

To read more about porridge breakfasts, and for a recipe, please go to CBC-KW where this column was originally posted.

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