Don’t be a no-show jerk

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If you don’t show up for your dental appointment, there’s a chance you could get charged for it.

Miss your flight and need to re-book, you’ll likely pay.

Skip that physio for your rotator cuff and you could get stuck with the bill.

But what about your restaurant reservation?

Changes to bookings on busy nights, granted, are a part of the industry. But they also cause more work for staff as it discombobulates table arrangements and alters staffing calculations and food orders.

Last-minute cancellations — and worse, no-shows — can have a significant impact on a business and many local restaurant owners say they’ve seen an increased frequency of people failing to show up for reservations since the pandemic.

“Even prior to the pandemic, we were discussing charging for reservations, but we’ve shied away from that for now,” says Court Desautels, CEO of the Neighbourhood Group of Companies which includes Mijiidaa in Guelph and Borealis Grille in Guelph and Kitchener.

“The big impact is wait staff losing out with no-shows. A large table that doesn’t show could be spending more than $500,” he said. “It represents significant money that is coming out of the pocket of service staff. There is a big impact with tip-outs lost to the kitchen, too.”

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