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Marvellous Macarons Online Baking, Relish Cooking Studio
Check out Relish for this virtual class on the classic and delicious French pastry. “These colorful French confections can be tricky to make, but after you master techniques from meringue making to macaronage, you’ll love creating your own scrumptious macarons at home,” says Relish.

Food Hall at Kitchener Market to re-open partially
As part of the City of Kitchener’s continued gradual reopening of city services, the Kitchener Market has welcomed back some of its food hall vendors as of last week.

To mark the occasion, market shoppers can enjoy outdoor live music and ice cream treats that will be for sale along Eby Street, in addition to the many great offerings from market vendors.

Physically Distanced Beer Garden, Steel Wheel Brewery
From their website pictures, this looks really lovely: Steel Wheel Brewery, Powerline Road, Brantford, is having a beer garden in the forest, with distanced tables according to Provincial guidelines. I haven’t been, but it looks great!

Here are some basics:
— Reservations are for 2 hour time slots; $7 deposit per person of age;
— Time slots are offered every half hour / capacity for 10 people each slot;
— Buy tickets through Eventbrite;
— For those who are of age, the deposit will cover the cost of their first beer.


If you are looking to head out to a restaurant, here are a few suggestions for the central Waterloo area.

All are unique, family-run businesses that require our support to get through the Covid-19 challenge.

Bogda Lagman, Bogda Restaurant Traditional Uyghur Cuisine
A unique restaurant for Uyghur food. These noodles are hand-made with Uyghur-style stirfried meat and vegetables and a choice of lamb or beef.

Bogda serves Uyghur cooking (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

Vegetarian Hummus with Olive Oil, Shawerma Plus
There is a wide range of dishes and platters at this popular Syrian/Middle Eastern restaurant that can feed one or a multitude. Sometimes simpler is better: a few scoops of hummus (see banner photo) will certainly stoke your appetite to try one of their family platters.

Wide-cut Lanzhou Noodles, Omni Palace
It’s a traditional Lanzhou beef noodle, but try “wide-flat” cut. The broth is the base for those noodles, whatever cut-size you choose, along with daikon, slices of beef, cilantro, parsley and other herbs.

Omni’s wide Lanzhou (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

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