Cooks (and brewers) who garden

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They are a unique multi-tasking breed who work busy kitchen hours and yet still find the time to plan, plant, cultivate, nurture and harvest herbs, vegetables and even the honey that will make its way into their menus and onto your plates. It speaks to their passion and the dedication to their art and craft – and it helps make Waterloo Region a delicious dining destination.

Here’s short selection of local cooks and how they describe what they grow and produce.

At home, Jacob’s Grill sous chef Colin Lloyd has three planter boxes and several planter pots for hot peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

A view of a small backyard garden. It runs along a weathered wooden fence: there are two rows of growing pepper plants growing in the garden.“It’s something I enjoy working on, and I use the produce both for myself, family and friends and the restaurant,” Lloyd says.

Among those peppers are some pretty hot ones – “super hot,” Lloyd says: Carolina reapers, ghost peppers and Armageddon. “Many of the hottest peppers aren’t easy to find grown here. Over the years, I’ve been testing and trying different ones,” he says

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[Photo/Colin Lloyd]

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