A few patio picks

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Everyone, it seems, loves a patio. Customers love to be outside in the sun and breeze, or under the bare bulb string lights of a warm July evening. Restaurants and bars of course love patios that bolster their business as soon as the permits permit and the weather agrees.

Over the pandemic years, more flexibility from licensing officialdom saw more patios pop up. The trend continues: downtown business associations love to happily plan events around a cooperative agglomeration of like-minded patios: music, food and drink, and the camaraderie of groups of people make visiting a city core fun and delicious.

Depending on a business’s property, patios can appear on sidewalks, thanks to city officials, and may edge into some of the parking spaces adjacent. But more and more, cities themselves are transforming the vehicular traffic routes in a downtown into patio hubs and pedestrian environments with street closures

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