St. Jacobs Community Garden

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While working with the Mariposa DR Foundation in Dominican Republic, Julia Swijters saw the power and value of good food.

The group is a non-profit organization that empowers and educates girls to create community-based solutions to end poverty.

“I know what food insecurity is first-hand but I also saw that they ate well. You’d go into a dirt-floor home and they would feed you, even sharing from their own plates,” she said.

The experience, in part, got her thinking more about growing her own food, but also helping others who either want to garden or who are food insecure.

Swijters is co-ordinator of Home Hardware Community Garden, Henry St., St. Jacobs (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

“Food has always been the conduit for me that has opened up doors and conversations,” she said.

Swijters is a home gardener who works for Home Hardware. In 2016, she approached the company to create a community garden on their property and now she’s garden co-ordinator for the Home Hardware Community Garden in St. Jacobs.

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