Lobster roll via Lobster Burger Bar

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There’s duality to the lobster roll.

Small lobsters or large? New Brunswick or New England? Boiled or steamed? Big chunks or bite-sized? Celery or no?

But the luscious handheld — the sine qua non of which is the top-split bun — is not a subject of binary sandwich angst at Lobster Burger Bar (LBB).

Near University of Waterloo (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

Open for about a year now, Waterloo’s LBB, which has a Toronto location too, is owned by partners with restaurant links to Waterloo Region: one of them came up with a “lobster burger” and a concept was built around it, including a classic lobster roll.

Refreshing with minimal mayo (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

A stylized neon lobster claw captures the brand, rather than the ersatz: the 240-seat venue (including patio) is not at sea with fisheries-and-oceans kitsch à la Long John Silver’s.

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