Chick’n sammie at Jane Bond

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It may come as something of a surprise, but an Uptown Waterloo food purveyor and music haunt, tucked away just off King Street, has been a veggie-based restaurant for more than a quarter of a century.

Ahead of its time serving what is today an increasingly popular plant-based diet, The Jane Bond (and I do love that definite article) is a “quirky bar with vegetarian bites and music,” according to Google.

That’s partly correct, but it’s not the whole story with 005.

It’s a place that Tweets phrases such as “no cover” and “19+” and introduces @dj_88 who is “spinning all night;” The Bond is a venue that might host a “super soul funk revue” with “The Vinyl Retentives.”

The name is Bond. Jane Bond (Photo/

That’s one cool element. Yet another is interesting cocktails and beers for sipping in a relaxed, retro and Bohemian atmosphere: so while dj_88 spins, you can peruse “From the Cellar” beer selections like juicy TIPAs and DIPAs and NEIPAs as well as a cider with skin-contact Vidal.

For more cool stuff about the Bond, check in with Waterloo Chronicle.

Damn good antojitos! (Photo/

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