Make your own kheer

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Vaisakhi has passed but that’s no reason to not make some delicious “rice pudding,” or kheer.

A dish that has a role at the festive Vaisakhi table – and which is found at virtually any Indian restaurant at any time of the year – is rice pudding, chef and culinary instructor Jasjit Kaur says.

“It’s very satisfying to the sweet tooth, I can guarantee that. I love it, and it’s easy to make at home.”

A few ingredients and a bit of time make the dish relatively simple to make in a saucepan, Kaur says: whole milk, sugar, basmati rice and cardamom, with nuts like almonds optional.

“While you’re stirring, add all your love to the kheer,” she says. “When love is in there, we have everything and the rice pudding will be sweeter and more tasty. That’s my secret to any recipes I cook.”

To read more and find Kaur’s recipe for kheer, visit CBC-KW.

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