Scarf a Preston Towne smashburger

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Before I scarfed down a juicy smashburger and fries, I spent a few moments examining kraken-like graffiti in downtown Preston.

The mythic cephalopod was drawn, with a black marker, on a picnic table under a lovely maple tree outside St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on King Street.

The artwork itself was good, but the artist’s comment beside it, the grammatical solecism notwithstanding, gave pause for thought: “My monster are real” in thick, intense block lettering.

Were there, indeed, monsters? Or was this merely for show, an assertion of artistic will in tagging and defacing public property? We will never know.

Kraken graffiti on picnic table (Photo/

While I’m not a member of the St. Peter’s congregation – or any congregation for that matter – contemplating the graffiti was a moment to reflect on the contrast between a possibly troubled artistic individual and my happy gaze across the street at Lucky’s while munching their delicious burger […]

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