KW Habilitation’s “Our Farm”

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With sporadic drizzle falling, it’s a cool and windy late-June morning as head farmer and gardener Laura Bredschneider instructs her interns on the technique for harvesting Our Farm’s organically-grown green and purple kohlrabi.

“Snip the kohlrabi at the base, like this, and then remove any yellow leaves,” she says holding up a perfect specimen of the cabbage and broccoli relative.

Also known as German turnip, the kohlrabi represents some of the first vegetables harvested at the farm operated by KW Habilitation, a non-profit organization providing services and support to children with special needs, and to youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

The eight-acre plot of land on Erbsville Road between Bamberg and Heidelberg, about 20 minutes from Uptown Waterloo, is chock full of leafy greens, flowers for pollinators and trellis systems for climbing plants like beans and micro-mesh netting to keep out insects.

The rural kitchen garden accounts for one third of the farm’s acreage, according to Bredschneider.

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