RED does *not mean closed*

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Just in case there is any confusion …

The Ford government, in their bungling of clear thinking and messaging, has chosen RED to indicate a slow-down and restrictions at businesses, including restaurants.

When you approach an intersection that has a red octagonal sign, you stop; when an amber traffic light turns to a red light, you stop.

Some people might be confused about what Red means: It doesn’t mean “closed.” Why would the government choose such a universal colour and symbol that connotes “Stop“?

Earlier, Red did mean lock down for dining in as proclaimed by the government — but they subsequently changed that. Perhaps that is where there might be some confusion.

It’s a similar case with our government’s other confusing messages: on one hand, they ask us to stay away and be safe; on the other, it’s go support local businesses — and from my perspective, especially, that means restaurants and food businesses.

Just know this: Red restrictions at restaurants mean limited seating capacity, but they are still very much open for delivery, take-away and curbside pickup. Use these various options as you see fit. But USE them as you are able! The businesses need our support.

So, I’m saying that Red means GO! Go to restaurants and dine-in safely. Go to restaurants and get take-out.

Red does not mean Stop! Red does not mean closed.

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