Personal and private chefs thrive

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Kitchener-based private chef Terry Salmond says word of mouth gave him a start for the current phase of his long cooking career in Waterloo Region.

“The route to this work chose me, in a way. I had just finished a Christmas dinner experience at the home of a client and shortly after at another client’s home, a guest recognized me and shared my name with other guests. I gave him my card, and business snowballed from there,” Salmond said.

That was then; this is now.

Salmond’s Lighthouse Culinary is a busy private-chef service that specializes in finer in-home dining. But the range of services also includes meal planning and food preparation for busy families and providing assistance for people who have special medical or nutritional needs.

“The in-home dining aspect is about a more elevated food experience including wine pairings,” Salmond said. “It might be a one-time event, or I might be back in their homes several times a year.”

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[Photo/Terry Salmond]

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