Meat loaf at Ridge Social Eatery

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The house of meat loaf is one of many mansions; its variety is legion, and, frankly, I enjoy them all.

The humble diner staple can be compressed and densely packed; or, it can be laced cunningly with finely ground fresh vegetables for a lighter but surreptitious and stealthy sneak into an unsuspecting child’s supper.

It also can be satiny smooth with a rich pâté-like triumvirate of ground beef, pork and veal: That texture benefits wonderfully from a crispiness that then comes with a post-bake hard sear on the flat-top and accompanying Maillard reaction-browning for added depth of flavour.

Located in Roseville, North Dumfries (Photo/

It’s a classic Monday-night meal with a potato side and a heaping helping of vegetables — perhaps buttery peas and carrots with salt and pepper — that makes it a delicious comfort food, pure and simple.

The version of the dish found at Roseville’s The Ridge Social Eatery is made with two kinds of beef and fits the comfort-food billing.

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