Menu efficiencies and slimming

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There’s a certain flow to restaurant businesses that cycles between busier and quieter periods. A rhythm, which has been upset by the pandemic, could be further disrupted by an economy that will likely continue to falter in 2023.

Restaurants respond to uncertainties ⁠— rarely seen supply-line interruptions, staff shortages and skyrocketing inflation ⁠— by adjusting their operations, including revamping menus or removing dishes to save labour and costs.

Kitchener’s Nostra Cucina has dropped a couple of pasta dishes from its menu because of supply issues. Meanwhile, Caesar salad is also currently off the menu because of cost: A case of Romaine lettuce that was once $50 is now more than $100.

“We’re trying to make a product that is the exact same every time, but it’s not been easy to do,” said co-owner Sian Burns.

In Waterloo, Gol’s Noodles downsized its menu too, said owner Yuming Gao.

“We made some adjustments to our BBQ menu due to the unstable ingredients supply. We reserved the dishes for which we have stable supplies.”

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