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The creamy richness of Camembert, the smooth texture of fresh Mozzarella, the oozy stream of melted Raclette: arriving this summer, Food Network Canada and Corus Studios dive into the evolving world of cheese with food-travel docu-series Cheese: A Love Story, hosted by maître fromager (cheese master) Afrim Pristine.

Pristine travels the globe exploring the most iconic cheese locations and hidden gems to get a deeper look at one of the world’s greatest, and most beloved, foods.

Cheese: A Love Story makes its debut on June 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Food Network Canada.

Owner of Cheese Boutique in Toronto, Pristine is a leading Canadian cheese expert has over 25 years of cheese experience.

His passion and commitment to learning more about this magical food stems from his father and family business of 50 years.

In this six-part series, Pristine embarks on a journey to meet the farmers, cheesemakers, shop owners, affineurs and chefs in Switzerland, France, Greece, Toronto, Quebec and British Columbia.

New Hamburg: Mountainoak cheese (Photo/

In each episode, Pristine’s love of cheese only grows fonder as he gets an in-depth look at how each culture has made it their own.

He crosses crosses paths with culinary pioneers including Chuck Hughes (Le Bremner) and Michele Forgione (Chez Tousignant) in Quebec, Elia Herrera (Colibri) and Aiko Uchigoshi (Aburi Hana) in Toronto, Wall of Chefs’ Rob Feenie and Top Chef Canada Season 7 winner Paul Moran in British Columbia, and many more.

In the premiere June 9 episode, Pristine starts his journey in Switzerland, where he meets with chefs, cheesemakers, vendors and a legendary affineur, Roland Salhi to learn the fine art of aging.

In the home known for Gruyère, Raclette, fondue, and the famous holey Swiss Emmental, Pristine learns first hand how these classic cheeses stand the test of time and discovers the modern approaches the Swiss have innovated in the world of cheesemaking.

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