For National Beer Day: beer names are fun

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An update: October 6 is National Beer Day in Canada, so here’s a look at some fun beer names from those crafty and inventive local brewers that make the beer scene in Waterloo Region a rich and hoppy tapestry.

(Note: a recent story about Rural Roots Brewery in Elmira (what a great name) was posted here yesterday.)

Cup and Saucer ale, Fracture DIPA, Pompous Ass English Ale, Everything Goes Away, Electric Piano, Shinny Pants Session Stout and Donkey Venom sour.

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks in the famous soliloquy in Romeo and Juliet, the rhetorical strategy infused with her passion for Romeo and an eloquent assertion that names are incidental and meaningless.

But soft, what light through yonder mash tun breaks? It is but the fact that when it comes to beer, names are not trivial and bereft of meaning.

Not at all: they provide lots of insights – and fun – when you consider Waterloo Region’s craft beer names and the brewers who named them.

I’ve tried to capture a few them in this column for our local tourism website @Explore Waterloo Region. Have a look — and send me your favourite punny and inventive names.

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