Sweet Lou’s for cookies and killer shakes

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With 300,000 cookies baked and sold last year alone, it’s safe to say that Sweet Lou’s Cookies not only survived the pandemic but thrived during it.

The late-night sweet shop opened just before the onslaught of COVID-19 and two years later is looking toward expanding the brand.

The man behind the cookies and the accompanying milkshakes is Lou Gazzola, a self-described “start-up guy in tech.”

Owner and founder Sweet Lou Gazzola (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

According to Gazzola, the start-up spirit even prevailed during family travels: they sought out the best cookies and always felt they could bake better.

“So I wrote a business case, and with thousands of students in the area, decided that there was an opportunity. We started Sweet Lou’s Cookies,” he says.

The combination of students, late nights and freshly baked cookies was the trifecta. “Students want something unique and high quality.”

For more about Sweet Lou’s, visit Waterloo Chronicle.

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