Vegan Moroccan health bowl at MeMe’s

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Pulling into William Scott Park in New Hamburg, Saturday was a lovely morning of paddling the Nith River.

Such a peaceful and reflective Canadian activity, with virtually no one else on the water during the Canada Day weekend, seemed to demand a healthy bite to eat after a relaxing and mindful canoe journey.

The choice that was first to mind was MeMe’s Café & Food Shoppe and what they call a Moroccan Health Bowl.

Take-away meals and treats at MeMe’s New Hamburg (Photo/

“When we opened 20 years ago, we focused on vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free. We’ve also been supporting local food producers in the area during that time,” says MeMe’s owner Meredith Hagen.

“It’s been the root of this business.”

Please click here to read the full MeMe’s story, via Waterloo Chronicle.

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