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Adjacent to the St. Jacobs Village silos, you’ll find those pizza guys. You know, Pete Tessaro, Chris Banks and Lori Kieswetter? Yeah, “Those Pizza Guys.”  

The wood-fired pizza restaurant, with the offhand name, started as a mobile operation in Guelph in 2014.  

“We opened the store here July 1, 2020,” says Tessaro. “We were surprised by the support during the pandemic from Guelph customers, friends and family, and St. Jacobs.” 

Their village introduction was the pop-up alliance they formed with Block Three Brewing, a stone’s toss away, during live music nights (when that was a thing pre-Covid-19). “For two or three winters, we were their food vendors,” says Tessaro. 

The Clamcy Wiggum pizza (

Earlier, the idea for pizza came when Banks and Tessaro worked at a Guelph restaurant. “We thought, hey, we love the food industry. Let’s see if we can do something on our own,” says Tessaro. 

A business was born.

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