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Like all business owners, Shan Bricker and Marissa Mansz of Lana’s Lounge have weathered the slings and arrows Covid-19 has used to assault the food and beverage industry.

Yet a small tweak to their beverage menu has paid returns: “Lana’s Lager,” their proprietary beer, appeared in September 2021. The idea wasn’t new, but the timing was.

“Its birth was much earlier, but the issue was finding the right marriage between a brewer and us. We didn’t just want a re-flavouring of an existing beer,” says Bricker.

Located in the plaza across from WLU’s athletic complex, if Lana’s Lounge were a suburban home, it would be a back-split (or maybe front-split): enter the venue and you’re in the music lounge; climb a few stairs and you’re in the bar and dining-room area.

Lana’s Lager by Rural Roots Brewing Co., Elmira (

March will mark the restaurant’s four-year anniversary. Bricker and Mansz describe the venue as a “full-service, full-spectrum” venue for dinner and live music, targeting a 35-plus age demographic.
However, during the pandemic, too tight a focus on market sector means all bets are off.

“Obviously, the pivots for the industry have been massive,” says Bricker.

Enter Rural Roots Brewing Company in Elmira.

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