Jimmy’s Feed Co. for sammies

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With “Baba O’Riley” cranked in the background, you can peruse the sandwich menu at a small Waterloo take-away restaurant, one wall adorned with album covers: Bowie, Marley, John and other icons.

While at Jimmy’s Feed Co., near where King and Weber streets intersect, you’re not out in the fields nor do you have to fight for your meals, as Daltrey and Townsend sing in The Who’s 1972 anthemic tune.

The five-year-old business was conceived and is operated by Nova Scotia-born Jim Boone.
After a post-university period managing music festivals and not-for-profits, Boone found his way to the humble sandwich through a business degree from the University of Ottawa.

While he anticipated a climb up the corporate ladder, he instead launched a passion project with solid business theory behind it.

“My M.B.A. changed me,” Boone says. “I thought I wanted to be this corporate guy, but the opposite happened. I wanted my own small business, piece of mind and comfort.”

Jim Boone, founder of Jimmy’s Feed Co./andrewcoppolino.com.

Enter the $6.20 sandwich made-to-order in 600-sq.-ft. of commercial retail space.

Selecting Waterloo Region for its rapidly growing economy, and after some market analysis, Boone opened Jimmy’s Feed Co. “I had been eating my favourite sandwiches in Ottawa, and I wondered if Kitchener-Waterloo had something similar.”

For more about Jimmy’s Feed Co., please visit Waterloo Chronicle.

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