As good as Carmela’s baked ziti?

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With the lockdown in effect, I started watching “The Sopranos” mob saga again.

“Ooof, Madone!” If there isn’t a lot of food consumed in that series! For me, it’s a favourite part of the re-watch.

I have been especially captivated by Carmela Soprano’s baked ziti, so I wanted to find some locally. It turned up at Amici Restaurant in Cambridge.

If De Gaulle moaned about governing a country, France, obsessed with nearly 250 kinds of cheese, the Italians offer something of their own culinary sociopathy with the hundreds of different pastas you can find throughout the peninsula; I’m not sure: do you count rotini and fusilli as one or two?

Thus we have ziti. But it gets a bit wonky, like rotini, when you want a wider tube: that’s either a zitoni, which makes sense grammatically in terms of the suffixes of the Italian language, or a cannaroni.

For more about the ziti at Amici Restaurant, in The Cambridge Times, please click here.

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