Keto ice cream includes Rocky Road

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Alter Eat-o: Foods for Keto started as a diet change for Leslie Lang that over the course of a few years has grown into a busy Guelph-based commercial kitchen making and delivering keto foods across Ontario.

“Both my husband and I started a keto lifestyle,” Lang says, describing the ketogenic diet as low-carbohydrate foods with higher amounts of healthy fats and no added sugars.

“I wanted to take familiar recipes that I loved and make them keto friendly, so I started doing that and sharing with family and friends.”

Hutchinson, left, and Lang (Photo/

The company formally launched in 2018 and started taking online orders in February 2019.

Business partner Molly Hutchinson came on board in the summer of 2020, and the business now employs 12 people.

For some people, the idea of eating more fat is counter intuitive to how they have been taught (or not taught) to eat.

For more about Alter Eat-o, visit Guelph Mercury Tribune.

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