What about restaurant capacity?

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Yeah, so it’s great! Full stadiums, arenas and vomitoria of fans moving about.

No, I mean it: it’s terrific that indoor spaces like arenas and concert halls can go to full capacity (especially so a bunch of really wealthy ath-uh-leets can play a game).

But what about restaurants that are still stuck at 50 per cent — and are curious about what subsidies and support is about to run out? Why can’t they open at full capacity?

These are not multi-million-dollar athletes but rather (and mostly) ma-and-pa family businesses (and I bet they are all smarter than a Raptor or a Leaf.)

So, how is it any different?

On one hand, there’s entire rows of fans — booze addled and yelling like yobs — crammed into tight, shoulder-to-shoulder seating.

On the other hand, there’s a quieter restaurant with tables of fully vaccinated people (and much, much fewer of them) generally not screaming and shouting wearing masks at any time when not at their table and certainly aren’t moving around around through aisles and hallways and mass urinals bumping into thousands of other people?

The government of Ontario and associated authorities haven’t really been thinking very much about this discrimination, have they? It’s small business lined up against giant MLSE-type businesses.

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