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Their names are as poetic as their flavours are delicious: Brandywine, Glitter, Red Coral, Sun Peach and Indigo Kumquat.

There’s always conventional Beefsteaks and Romas, but the other varieties you can find at the supermarket, generic grape and cherry tomatoes, don’t get that nomenclature love.

Horticulturists and serious tomato growers like Perry Grobe revel in finding and experimenting with new and unique varieties of tomato plants for their customers.

Testings and trials take place in the long tunnel greenhouses and in a garden at Grobe Nursery and Garden Centre. The garden here is just like hundreds of gardens in backyards at homes in Waterloo region and Wellington County.

“Home gardeners spend time growing a tomato for the entire season and want something that they love the taste of and has that full flavour. But people want variety, too. They don’t want the same tomatoes,” Grobe says.

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(Photo/Perry Grobe)

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