Noki Farms Guelph: urban mushroom farm

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Vertical farming is just what it sounds like: growing plants and crops in vertical layers — often without soil — rather than horizontally on conventional plots of land.

The increasingly popular practice also incorporates hydroponics and aquaponics in a controlled environment.

Seen by many as a next wave of agriculture, you can even set up that vertical environment in the tight real estate space of an urban centre. That’s precisely what Noki Farms has done to grow mushrooms in the Old Quebec Street mall in downtown Guelph.

Nykole Crevits holds a “bouquet” of wild enoki mushrooms (Photo/

“We’re a mushroom grower and retailer and our whole purpose is trying to reduce the travel time of people’s food and offer delicious and nutritious mushrooms and microgreens,” says Karl Fellbaum, who co-owns Noki Farms with Nykole Crevits.

In fact, you could say the distance the food travels to get to you is only about 15 metres.

Read more here: CBC-KW.

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