National Burger Day

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It’s National Burger Day.

That’s a U.S. thing on May 28, but what the hell … here’s a few burgers to think about for this weekend.

Out of only dozens and dozens that are out there!

Morty Burger, Morty’s
Famous for their wings, the 10-ounce “Morty Burger” is notable as well – and it has a great backstory, according to co-owner Jay Taylor.

“It’s a burger 80 years in the making,” says Taylor. “That’s because it is my grandmother Katie Taylor’s meatloaf recipe, which we adapted for our burger.”

The pure beef gets some spices and garlic and a grilling on the flat-top. “The burger reminds me of my grandmother. She loved it and lived to be 97,” Taylor adds.

Cajun Red Bean Burger, Jane Bond Cafe
From one of the area’s longest-standing vegetarian restaurants — with great beers, live music and vibe — Anya Steffler’s “burger” is a popular and delicious one: red bean and rice for the patty is topped with spinach, tomato, pickles and red onion. Creamy Cajun sauce rounds the flavours out and brings them together. Served with a choice of side.

Cast iron burger, Grand Trunk Saloon
Cooking on cast iron is a southern U.S. staple: Grand Trunk’s cast iron burger is just one example at this downtown Kitchener restaurant that captures the essence of the cuisine. Head chef Rich Hodge grinds AAA Ontario beef brisket and seasons only with salt and pepper. Two three-ounce patties are seared to medium in a cast iron pan and topped with house-smoked Cheddar and Stemmler’s double-smoked bacon.

“It also has Roma tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, dill pickles and a Louisiana remoulade sauce on Golden Hearth Bakery brioche bun and a side of slaw and kettle chips,” Hodge says.  

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