Eddie the Yam Seller

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Over the past year or so, Eddie Ameh has used a popular African tuber to grow his retail food business by calling himself the “The Yam Seller.”

“The name is my claim to fame,” said Ameh.

“I reached out to the Ghanaian community that I was going to Toronto to get some yams, and I was very surprised at the response. From picking up three boxes of yams, here I am with a 3,600-sq.-ft. store.”

Located on Victoria Street N. in Kitchener, The Yam Seller Africa Superstore opened in May, 2021.

The store is a former hair-design school, and sells African and Caribbean foods such as halal meats and specially-prepared goat that Ameh says is a favourite in parts of Africa.

There is also smoked fish like barracuda and pepper soup spice seasoning which is a blend of ginger, thyme and rosemary, according to Ameh.

“We also have ripe plantains,” he said. “Africans love ripe plantains.”

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