CBC “Sounds of the Season” supports Food Bank of Waterloo Region

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Crates and cartons clang and rattle. Plastic hampers clack as they are stacked together. Carts laden with food roll to-and-fro as tow-motors and forklifts whine and clunk as they set down heavy skids of boxes.

Last year, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region acquired and distributed over 6.3 million pounds of food to their Community Food-Assistance Network and their provincial partners.

To do that, it required 2,600 volunteers across the organization, including Kitchener resident Andy McKay.

McKay says his twice weekly volunteer hours in the food bank warehouse have him building orders for those partners.

He also calls it a time “to give back.”

“It’s a great place to volunteer,” says McKay. “I’m retired, and it’s fun. I do it six months a year and it’s kind of my gig.”

The food that McKay helps distribute to the Food Bank’s member agencies is overseen by Chelsea Frey, a registered dietitian and fresh approaches coordinator at the food Bank.

Frey says the organization – like all food banks – has been especially busy during this period, getting nutrition to people with not enough healthy food.

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[photo/Food Bank of Waterloo Region]

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