Sisig at Rosel’s Flavours for Life

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Address: 220 King Street North, Waterloo N2G 2X8
Phone: 226-609-0103

When I earlier spoke with Rosel De Guzman as she opened Rosel’s Flavours for Life at Wooden Boat Food Company on Hurst Avenue, and where I enjoyed her pandan chicken, not a soul had any idea the pandemic would strike.

Rosel De Guzman (Photo/

De Guzman had been on Hurst for about a year, and her take-away and catering business were doing fine and growing slowly. Until Covid made a lot of nasty decisions for a lot of hard-working food entrepreneurs and everyone else.

Chicken inasal at Rosel’s (Photo/

Happily, Flavours for Life has resurfaced – bigger and better – in Waterloo, across from the Wilfrid Laurier athletic centre, in the former Shawerma Plus space.

To read more, visit the Waterloo Chronicle.

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