Odd Burger really isn’t odd at all

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Humans are omnivores, but there is a vibrant though small ethos, especially in younger demographics motivated by diverse reasons and beliefs, which aspires to a plant-based diet.

That the ethos is an eddy in the mainstream is readily apparent with only a cursory glance of virtually any restaurant menu: somewhere will appear dishes annotated with a “V,” denoting vegan and vegetarian.

As a steadfast omnivore — though one conscious of my animal-protein consumption — I occasionally paddle into and peruse those annotations. In fact, my last supper of 2023 was at Odd Burger Vegan Fast Food, a 100 per cent vegan restaurant at King Street and Willis Way in Waterloo.

The restaurant’s name catches the imagination; it requires little linguistic deconstruction to deduce the intent behind it: Odd Burger is something different and unconventional.

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