7 vegan/vegetarian restaurants to try

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Seitan, tempeh and good old vegetables. Quick-service fast food restaurants have embraced plant-based diets like never before: Impossible burgers, vegetarian “Crunchwrap Supreme Bean” tortilla wraps, crab cakes made of chickpeas, hearts of palm and spices, and a non-dairy Dilly Bar for dessert are just a few examples.

Odd Burger’s double patty “Famous Burger” (submitted photo).

The options have grown as demand has: since the pandemic, many more conscientious eaters have shifted to a plant-based diet, or at least one that draws on animal proteins considerably less.

And, if you search out area restaurants and their menus, you won’t have to sacrifice flavours, textures and overall tastiness. Read about just a few examples as you explore Waterloo Region for its plant-based restaurants …

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