Bodega Rose for sharing plates

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A sharing menu is a beautiful thing.

Superior to entrées – “happy face” plates plunked down with (what is really too much) steak, potatoes and steamed broccoli – a shareables menu is a selection of smaller dishes that are perfect for just that: sharing with dinner companions.

Eating several smaller dishes allows an exploration of flavours, textures and taste combinations; it gives insight into a kitchen’s creativity and how it executes various cooking techniques.

And it encourages social interaction between guests at a table – rather than everyone with their heads down and chowing down in their individual dining silo.

Part of the kitchen crew at Bodega Rose (Photo/

With a robust shareable menu, Bodega Rose, an addition to the Uptown Waterloo restaurant scene at Erb and Regina since February, replaces a revolving door of previous food and beverage ventures.

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