Welcome back Choun Kitchen Cambridge

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If you don’t know it, Choun Kitchen is a cool little venue in downtown Hespeler. They’ve recently announced that are re-opening for take-out and patio dining.

I’ve had several good dishes at Choun, including a plate of fried rice — that perhaps humblest but nevertheless delicious of dishes.

Choun’s Thai Street-Style Fried Rice is lightly perfumed Jasmine rice, a staple in Thailand, that’s the starch component fried together with eggs, carrots, onions, garlic, bok choy and an in-house seasoning sauce ($10).

It’s a good vegetarian selection, but you can add chicken, shrimp, beef as well as tofu for a few bucks more.

I’m glad to see Choun back in action. Good luck to them!

Please check their new hours of opening (Wednesday to Saturday) as they get back to business in the Covid-19 restaurant environment.

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