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As the August heat and dog days of summer roll in, here are a few book selections to enjoy while at the beach, relaxing in the shade on the backyard hammock or inside in the air-conditioned cool.

David Worsley, co-owner of Uptown Waterloo’s Words Worth Books, provides three suggestions that explore the larger food culture around the globe and individual treatments of the author’s relationship with eating, food and food culture.

Worsley makes an interesting connection between restaurants, food, reading and bookshops.

“Coming out of the pandemic, food writing, restaurants and bookshops have common cause. The conversations around books and authors is like the conversation around food and restaurants,” he says. “What’s new? And what are we eating?”

Answering, in part, his own questions, Worsley picks a trio of books that have impressed and intrigued from those among the Words Worth shelves.

Read more here: CBC-KW.

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