Some fave dishes of 2021

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Crappy year (again) but some good food …

The local dining scene has changed a lot over the past nearly two years, but local food businesses have kept calm and done their best to carry on. Which, of course, is what we all have to do.

I had the opportunity to visit many venues and eat many dishes over the past year – some dining-in and some take-out. I don’t like to call this list “the best” dishes but rather a highlighting of a handful that you may want to try for yourself. If not, I hope you will continue to support local restaurants and food purveyors as best you as we settle into a winter that, we hope, isn’t one of our discontent.

The long-standing restaurant King Street Trio has re-branded and now is called, simply, Trio. Chef Kyle Rennie runs the kitchen – a kitchen visible from the dining room – and with his crew is sending out some phenomenal food. Trio has certainly found a new form, and especially with their roasted lamb.

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  • Kinnery

    My fave for the year: Guelph’s Warka Tree, where I’d especially recommend the doro wat or, for a wonderful sampling of everything, either the vegetarian platter or Warka Special platter. Warm and cozy spices, perfect injera, and a lovely, aromatic interior for when indoor dining returns. Highly recommend!
    (P.S. I’m not associated with the restaurant in any way, I just really like their food, haha)

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