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Poké is a delicious treat to eat — and it can be a cool one too, as the weather gets hot.

Here are a few picks for poké from three spots around the region.


Hawaiian poke box, Knife and Pestle
The K&P guys are new-ish on the scene, based at Wooden Boat Food Company on Hurst Avenue, Kitchener, but they are rolling out some very good dishes.

When it comes to poké, it’s one of their strong suits. They often have a sweet-heat salmon pokéand citrus salmon poké, served with Jasmine rice and seaweed salad.

Hawaiian poke box at K&P (Photo/Knife & Pestle).

Tuna bowl, Beertown
Raw yellowfin tuna, sweet mango, avocado, edamame, radish, spiced peanuts, rice noodles, cucumber, cabbage, cilantro and sesame soy dressing.

Big umami, The Poké Box
Big Umami (banner photo) is the most popular poké bowl: it’s filling and delicious with salmon, ahi tuna, cabbage, avocado and green onion.

As do other bowls, Big Umami has shoyu, a foundational soy sauce rich and dark brown and salty. Furikake is a flakey seasoning that adds umami richness. Tempura bits add texture.

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