New New York pizza in WR

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Navigate the busy parking lot to the back corner of the Lancaster Smokehouse and look for the neon cartoon pizza slice perched on the wood-frame lean-to.

The jolly little pepperoni isosceles, pet-named “Happy Slice” with a Robert Crumb “Keep on truckin’” hippie strut, marks the spot for picking up New York-style pizza, a new ancillary take-away business of the landmark Smokehouse.

The menu is seven 18-inch pizzas including basic cheese, cupping pepperoni, an “obligatory” barbecue (of course) and the playful “Hawaiian-Ish” with mango.

Look for the “happy slice” (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

I tried the vodka sauce version – a pizza riff on pasta alla vodka — with a blush-cream sauce, fresh mozzarella, aged mozzarella, pecorino and fresh basil.

Verdict? Delicious pizza with a hint of acidity yet a smooth mouthfeel and excellent crust.

For more, visit Waterloo Chronicle.

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