Fanjoy Cooking Up Change

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This is a new initiative that helps people who are often isolated and marginalized in our communities, including rural communities. It’s local food and cooking for change …

For Pam Fanjoy, the distance between social work and a professional restaurant kitchen is relatively small but still represents a big opportunity to address issues of diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

Fanjoy has recently launched Fanjoy Cooking Up Change — a not-for-profit organization designed to provide support and opportunities for a range of stakeholders, including women and non-binary food entrepreneurs especially in rural areas.

Part of the project includes a new Foods of the World market that running Saturdays in Hillsburgh, Ont, from now until Oct.1.

“It’s our first not-for-profit initiative for those interested in starting or growing their own food business using local food,” said Fanjoy.

Fanjoy Cooking Up Change is a multifaceted organization that seeks to address what she calls the intersectionality of food insecurity, employment, mental health and homelessness. It’s funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

It also focuses on youth and young adults age 14 to 22 and is designed to fill gaps in social services that have become pronounced since COVID-19 …

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